Incantesimo Design is …

Incantesimo Design is the study and manufacturing of furnishing accessories.


The Italian design

and planning phases

The design, the graphic work, the research of the most innovative materials, the study of trends and current combinations; all of these activities are carried out by Incantesimo Design in order to produce elegant and refined articles with absolute original characteristics.

The Italian design is a unique phenomenon and always current due to its dynamism and lasting in time.



The mainly used material for each object is fused methacrylate. This material is rigid, colourless and of exceptional clearness and can be coloured with a wide range of dyes, evidencing the light and colour transmission and diffusion effects in a unique way.

The fused methacrylate is the best acrylic crystal currently on the market; it is unalterable in time and completely recyclable.

The appliqués are of veneered wood and carefully chosen first quality essences and of stratified metal sheets synthetic with top in micro thickness color steel, which are defined high tech materials characterized by remarcable durability, strength and lightness.

Execution steps

The production steps are all carried out in our company with high technological procedures combined with craft manufacture.


Before our articles reach the market they are carefully controlled in order to guarantee the highest level of product quality.

Furthermore, each article is equipped with a profile describing the technical details, the materials and the meaning of each object; such profile has to be considered also as a guarantee.


After quality control, the product is packaged with the warranty card and packed for shipment according to customer requirements.

Our History


Incantesimo Design was founded in 1997 as a craft company. The initial target was to produce clocks with the help of high technological devices in order to create high quality articles.

Over years of work and experience Incantesimo Design expanded its trade also on the foreign market.


+IncantesimoDesign on Web...

In July 2001 Incantesimo Design presented its first catalogue on web.

Starting from 2004 Incantesimo Design attended international fairs and exhibitions, such as MACEF and SABO PIU’.

In September 2010 Incantesimo updated the catalogue on web and diversified the base production.


+IncantesimoDesign today...

All over these years the bond with the customers who love the “made in Italy” design became stronger and they were able to appreciate the quality of the products.

The continuous research of innovative lines allows to create style objects for any type of furniture.

Why choose us?

  • Originality and Italian style.
  • Use of advanced technology.
  • Quality of materials.
  • Expertise and knowledge gained over time.
  • Willingness to accommodate your requests.
  • Tradition.