Incantesimo Design is the study and manufacturing of selected furnishing accessories, which are characterized by their artistic nature and created for different furniture needs. This is evidenced in every single object.

The accurate research of trends and colors, the craftwork combined with the artistic synthesis of each object, determine characteristics of absolute originality.


Via Dante, 62 - 20087 Robecco sul Naviglio Italy

+39 02 94970327

Incantesimo Design - is projected towards a constant innovation of furniture accessories, able to easily and elegantly suit any type of furniture and also to stimulate the fantasy of every single person, so that the selection of the object is determined by a favourable setting but also by a mood, a desire or a thought.

Incantesimo Design encloses to each article a profile with explanatory data about execution techniques and artistic motivation. For the clock series this profile is also valid as guarantee.

Incantesimo’s design office is at your disposal for the creation of personalized objects or modifications on existing articles.


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The mainly used material for each object is fused methacrylate. This material is rigid, colourless and of exceptional clearness and can be coloured with a wide range of dyes, evidencing the light and colour transmission and diffusion effects in a unique way. The fused methacrylate is the best acrylic crystal currently on the market; it is unalterable in time and completely recyclable..

The appliqués are of veneered wood and carefully chosen first quality essences and of stratified metal sheets synthetic with top in micro.thickness color steel, which are defined high tech materials characte- rized by remarcable durability, strength and lightness.


Before our articles reach the market they are carefully controlled in order to guarantee the highest level of product quality.

Furthermore, each article is equipped with a profile describing the technical details, the materials and the meaning of each object; such profile has to be considered also as a guarantee.


The warranty for the series watches, must bear the stamp of the seller, date of sale, and has valid for two years.

The warranty does not cover any costs and/or defects resulting from modifications made to the product.

The warranty is void in cases where the failure is caused by faulty feeding, wrong connection, failure caused by bumps, drops, tampering, battery or download. Our potential liability is limited to replacement of defective parts.

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MATERIALI UTILIZZATI: Materiali altamente tecnologici come metacrilato colato, legni impelliciati, laminati sintetici stratificati. Più dettagli

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MATERIALS USED: Highly technological materials such as cast methacrylate, veneered woods, layered synthetic laminates. More details
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