Incantesimo draws the sun tracker Heliantus, inspired by Clizia the young nymph in love with Apollo, the god of the Sun. Every day she tried to see him, she followed him with her eyes, but repudiated by her beloved Clizia cried for nine whole days motionless in a field feeding only on dew and tears.  Legend says that the nymph’s body slowly transformed into a thin stem, her feet stuck into the earth, while her hair turned yellow.  Clizia had become a sunflower that continued to follow her love.
The dial of Heliantus represents the wind rose, it must be rotated to mark the cardinal points referring to the environment where it is inserted.  In this way the object will mark the position of the sun both during the day and at night.

The base and the frame are in high density PVC half-foam.  The dial is in stratified laminate cut and engraved with high-tech devices.

  • Base article – 028 – solar tracker
  • Dimensions – ø 21.6 x 11 eight cm
  • Support – high density PVC half-foam


Article – 028 BN – white