For natural philosophers, therefore the first thinkers, who try to reflect on the constitution of the physical world by detaching themselves from myth, the term Archè is the primordial substance, from which all things are thought to have derived. Incantesimo creates the Archè clock with harmonious shades and refined materials that create a design aesthetic designed for inclusion in any type of environment.

The support is in MDF coupled with polypropylene films with different textures that create new contrasts with unique and designer shades. The embossed applications on the dial are in layered pressed linen composed of natural, eco-friendly raw materials with a very resistant and pleasant surface to the touch. The aesthetic result is excellent thanks to the innovative technological processes with which they are produced.

  • Base article – 466 – wall clock
  • Dimensions – ø 58 cm
  • Support – MDF coupled with polypropylene films with different textures


Article – 466 MSC – color dark brown


Article – 466 GSP – color dark grey


Article – 466 GCI – color light gre